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Federal charges present a number of particular difficulties for a defendant. Federal investigators for the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement), IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and other agencies may conduct investigations that last weeks, months or even years in their attempt to gather sufficient evidence to press formal charges. They have seemingly endless resources to apply to these investigations as well as surveillance and undercover or sting operations. Once they have the evidence they need, they often move forward with a trial within only 90 days of indictment. This gives a defendant a very limited time to work with an attorney and build an aggressive defense.

Regardless of whether a federal charge is a misdemeanor or a felony, it is nevertheless a weighty concern and could have vast effects. Misdemeanors, while not as serious as felonies, could result in a fine or prison sentence. A person convicted of a felony faces much more severe consequences. A felon loses the right to vote, the right to possess firearms, the right to certain careers and the right to be in the U.S. military, among other losses of privileges. A convicted felon also faces the possibility of a large monetary fine and/or a substantial amount of time in prison. If you have been charged with a federal crime, there is still hope for you. The penalties previously mentioned do not come into effect unless the defendant is found guilty as charged. Therefore, now is the time to take action against your charges; now is the time to defend your rights.

Fighting Federal Crime Charges in Los Angeles, CA

As a federal crime attorney who has been representing defendants since 1984, I understand what level of defense is necessary to counteract zealous efforts by highly experienced federal prosecutors to put you in federal prison. I know how to protect a client’s interests even in the face of a preliminary investigation or surveillance by federal agents and can properly identify and expose violations of due process or my clients’ Constitutional rights. My offices are based in Los Angeles, but I represent clients in any federal district court in the United States. Whether it’s a broadly-defined charge, such as fraud or national child pornography charges, or narrowly-defined defined charges, such as insider trading – I have seen it all. Facing child pornography allegations may seem hopeless. That’s why I am whole-heartedly devoted to defending my clients with the same aggression that prosecutes bring to the courtroom.

Drug trafficking and distribution is taken very seriously in the United States. In fact, it is one of the most serious drug crime allegations you can face. As a federal crimes defense attorney, I am knowledgeable and highly-skilled in defense against drug trafficking charges. Drug trafficking charges are often coupled with other allegations, such as money laundering. I know the stress and uncertainty that you face when charged with a federal crime. Don’t give up – let the aggressive legal representation that defines my practice go to bat for you in court.

Money laundering is a common crime due to the fact that it often is necessary following the commission of another crime. What exactly is money laundering and why is it so important? When money is obtained through a federal crime like bank robbery, embezzlement, tax crime, or fraud, the person responsible cannot spend the money without the risk of the true source of the money being traced. For this reason, the source of the money must be hidden and made to appear legitimate. Money laundering works by hiding where the money came from under layers and layers of legal means. For example, the money may be spread out and deposited into different bank accounts across the world. The money may then be used to make purchases of businesses and large commodities or could be invested. If the funds are ever placed under scrutiny, the authorities will find the money came from the sale of a yacht or from a business investment.

I have handled federal crime charges all across the board, from violations, embezzlement and tax crimes to computer crimes and internet sex crimes. While all of these are serious allegations, innocent people are accused crimes every year. I am dedicated to standing up for the legal rights of individuals who have been accused of federal crimes – even securities fraud and bank robbery. Types of cases I have taken on include Social Security fraud, and identity theft. My familiarity with these specific charges and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines help me obtain favorable results for my clients, challenging attempts by federal prosecutors to pile on unnecessary penalties or take actions that are questionable at best in their infringement upon a client’s legal rights.

Learn how a Los Angeles federal crime lawyer can help you!

As some of the most severe charges known to mankind, federal accusations must be carefully and meticulously handled by a strong legal representative. While I handle federal cases nationwide, I can still devote my unparalleled attention to each and every federal criminal case I take on. With federal cases, much more is at stake. A defendant stands to face much harsher consequences, and in some cases life imprisonment. Higher fines and much larger sentences are administered to any individual found to be offending the law at a federal level. Despite the location that your federal crime accusation occurred, it is important to call my firm. Even if your charges are based in the State of California, you still may be prosecuted according to federal laws, which can result in an even harsher statement. Get the legal defense you need – call my office today.

When you choose your Los Angeles federal defense attorney, you need someone you can trust. I don’t make empty promises or guarantee results – no ethical attorney should. I offer straightforward guidance and uncompromising legal representation for my clients both inside and outside of the federal courtroom while keeping them well informed every step of the way. Honesty is important to me, and I will offer you realistic expectations and information that is applicable to your unique case and concerns. Contact my firm today to schedule a consultation!

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