Federal Case Victories

With dedication and a resolve to never give up, attorney Robert Helfend has successfully defended countless individuals in difficult legal cases. Federal charges are daunting, and a defendant usually faces seasoned federal agents and harsh prosecutors who seem to have endless resources. Lawyer Robert Helfend has proven his ability to defend citizens against federal charges against seemingly impossible odds. The following cases are but a few examples of Mr. Helfend’s experience and ability to provide exceptional legal defense.

Client was indicted for conspiring to purchase and sell 12 kilos of cocaine. Special agents arrested the client’s 3 codefendants at the scene with 12 kilos and over $100,000. The client was supposedly heard on a wiretap arranging the transaction. Through careful analysis of the government’s evidence and skillful use of expert witnesses, Mr. Helfend successfully persuades the U.S. Attorney’s Office to DISMISS the case prior to trial.

Armed with a search warrant, officers locate 10,000 images on client’s computer and in his home. Mr. Helfend files a Motion to Suppress Evidence based on the initial illegal entry by police to collect evidence. At the hearing on the motion, Mr. Helfend successfully persuades the Court that the evidence was obtained illegally. Evidence suppressed, and client released from custody.

Client charged with arranging a deal over the phone to sell 2 pounds of methamphetamine. Client had 3 prior drug related convictions and thus facing life in prison. After challenging the evidence with the U.S. attorney, Mr. Helfend successfully negotiated a plea to a “phone” count and 9 months in a halfway house to keep him employed followed by 9 month house arrest.

Client hacks into his prior employer’s server. After gaining access, he destroys the Company’s entire system. After a protracted litigation, Mr. Helfend persuades the Government to allow his client to plead guilty to a MISDEMEANOR and NOT TIME in custody.

Client is caught at the dock with 56 aliens in his sailboat. Mr Helfend convinces the Government not to seek any custody time. Client receives NO TIME in jail.
These statements concerning results obtained in other cases do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

The above cases are but a few samples of the different victories I have achieved for my clients.
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