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Competition is absolutely essential to the market because it keeps any company from monopolizing all the others. Monopolization of the market is not healthy because it hurts commerce, hurts jobs and hurts individuals. Antitrust laws do not impede on companies. On the contrary, they provide structure and a framework for each company to maximize its profit.

Identity Theft
Anytime a person illegally takes on the identity of another individual, it is considered a criminal offense. Identity theft, also commonly known as identity fraud, is exploited to gain some sort of benefit, usually a monetary advantage. A person engaging in identity theft has access to identification information belonging to another unsuspecting individual. This allows the person to not only take money, but also to commit crimes or do damage in the other individual’s name.

Bank Robbery
Although the percent of bank robberies in the U.S. is comparatively not high, they certainly occur on a regular basis. Generally speaking, one armed person enters a bank and demands money from a teller, consultant or another person. Bank robberies are not as common as other forms of robbery because they are often unfruitful.

Child Pornography
Child pornography consists of any material that exposes a child’s physical privacy. It is a criminal offense on both the federal and state levels to own child pornography. It is also a federal and state offense to distribute the material or to make monetary profit out of it in any way.

Computer Crimes
Because of the widespread reach of technology, computer crimes can be extensive and plentiful. Hacking, phishing, cyberstalking, sending out computer viruses and identity theft are among the most common computer crimes, but there are a host of others. Using the computer to achieve any illegal ends is considered a criminal crime.

Drug Trafficking
It is a criminal offense to possess or distribute illegal drugs. Illegal drug trade across the world (or even across state borders) is considered drug trafficking. The most identifying factor of drug trafficking is the amount of the drug involved, but the large-scale distribution of it is also important.

A person who takes resources (typically money) which he has been appointed to oversee for his or her personal gain engages in embezzlement. Embezzlement is most common in the workforce and may or may not be discovered, depending on the extent to which the person engages in the criminal activity.

Whenever a person causes a situation to appear different than it actually is for his own advantage (which usually is the gaining of money) and another person’s disadvantage, he is participating in fraud. In order for a person to be considered engaging in fraud, according to the law, he must be distorting the truth about whatever products, goods or resources he is discussing, and he must gain an unfair advantage at the end.

Internet Sex Crimes
The range of internet sex crimes is extensive. With the advancement in today’s technology, a person can commit internet crimes that are judged the same as a comparable physical crime. Child pornography is a criminal activity which is a cyber-offense. Sexting is another criminal offense which can sometimes involve minors.

Money Laundering
Money laundering refers to the secretive handling of money for some gain. Usually, a money launderer does not want any outside party to know where the money came from or where it is going. Money laundering is no simple process and often is used to supply the funds for drug trade.

Social Security Fraud
A person’s Social Security number is confidential to that person. Every person has the right to disclose the information to someone else. However, if a person’s Social Security number is discovered by an individual to whom it was not intended to be disclosed, that individual can use the information to spend large amounts of money, take out loans and engage in other illegal behaviors.

Tax Crimes
Criminal activity in the area of taxes can be extensive. The most common forms of tax crimes include neglecting to fill out tax forms and intentionally putting incorrect information in the tax form. A person who helps another individual commit a tax crime is held just as responsible as the other person.

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