Federal Computer Crimes

The Internet and Criminal Activity

A multitude of beneficial technological advancements have come with the development of the internet. Shopping, communication and entertainment are readily available. With this convenience comes a danger though – the danger of online criminal activity. Computer crime is a generic term that refers to a number of criminal offenses. Most computer crimes are committed online. Examples include online sexual exploitation, cyber fraud, cyber-based terrorism and identity theft.

According to the FBI, there are a multitude of offenses that can be committed online. Internet fraud is one of the most common computer crimes. Online scams can become extremely complicated and may involve large sums of stolen money. If convicted of fraud, you could face serious penalties. Child pornography, which is usually considered a sex crime, can be a computer crime as well. Using a computer to produce, sell, transport or distribute child pornography may be considered a sex crime and a computer crime.

Accused of a computer crime?

Computer crimes often involve lengthy investigations that start with tracking a suspect’s internet activity. Federal agents may work with the suspect’s internet provider to track movement online. The goal will be to gather as much evidence as possible in order to move forward with formal charges. Although the government has extensive resources at their disposal to investigate and prosecute computer crimes, these cases present specific difficulties for federal prosecutors. As an attorney with more than 20 years of experience in this field, I know exactly what to look for in potential weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against my client.

Facing allegations or an investigation of any type of computer crime? The immediate involvement of a computer crime defense lawyer with the resources and tenacity to counter zealous efforts on the part of federal investigators and prosecutors is crucial. This is particularly relevant if you are still under investigation and have not yet been indicted. You currently have a small window of opportunity to limit the investigation against you and avoid formal charges in the first place. Do not let it pass you by.

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I offer experienced and aggressive representation as a federal crime attorney for clients in Los Angeles and nationwide in all federal district courts. I am proficient in handling complex computer crime cases that involve all types of internet crimes, internet sex crimes, child pornography, identity theft, fraud and more. Though federal agents may claim to have extensive evidence against you, I understand how to counter this evidence by proving it was gathered without a warrant or probable cause. I recognize an opportunity to file a motion to suppress evidence when I see one.