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No matter where you live in the United States, if you are facing an investigation by federal agents or have already been charged with any type of federal crime, you are in need of an attorney to defend your rights. That attorney is likely to have a direct and significant impact on the outcome of your case and whether you face time in federal prison. If you have already been indicted by the federal government, you may wonder why you should even take the time or spend the money on a federal criminal defense lawyer. The answer is simple. There is almost always a solution that a skilled lawyer can provide, whether this is to limit the penalties you face, help you avoid imprisonment altogether or even have your case dismissed.

My name is Robert Michael Helfend. I am an experienced attorney who has been representing clients in federal district courts throughout the U.S. for more than 20 years. Since 1984, I have dedicated my life and career to the defense of individuals facing criminal offenses and investigations. My offices are based in the Los Angeles area but I have the resources to handle federal cases nationwide.

National Federal Crime Defense Representation

A key issue to consider in the face of federal charges is the fact that you will face punishment under Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Every single United States District Court nationwide uses these guidelines for sentencing purposes. Considering the high percentage of convictions in federal courts, only a seasoned federal defense attorney would understand the ins and outs of Sentencing Guidelines to find exceptions to maximum penalties and would be able to build an aggressive defense that makes the difference between time in a federal prison and probation, deportation or being able to remain in the U.S.