State and federal law enforcement agencies are committed to the fight against identity theft. This offense has been on the rise in the past decade due to the ever-increasing number of financial transactions conducted over the internet. Businesses and individuals alike transfer bank information, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers and other personal information online, leading to the possibility that this will be illegally apprehended. If you are under investigation for identity theft or any type of computer crime or have already been indicted, you must act quickly to involve a lawyer to protect your interests and rights. My name is Robert Michael Helfend, and as a lawyer I am here to offer you the aggressive defense counsel that will grant you the opportunity to seek the most advantageous outcome to your case.

I handle identity theft charges in Los Angeles and in federal district courts throughout the U.S. This includes offenses that involve allegedly using stolen credit cards, passwords or PIN numbers as well as committing mail fraud, Social Security fraud, forgery, counterfeiting or using a stolen Social Security number or identity. It is not uncommon for federal prosecutors to move forward with multiple charges against a defendant in these cases, for multiple counts of the same crime or possibly for additional, related crimes. I can anticipate this and work to build a defense against any and all identity theft or computer crime-related charges my client is facing.

Defense Counsel for Identity Theft Charges

In their zeal to catch identity thieves in the act, federal investigators may make mistakes. They may violate a suspect’s legal rights by conducting a search or making an arrest without probable cause or a valid warrant. As an attorney with more than two decades of experience in criminal law, I know how to recognize these as opportunities to seek a dismissal of key evidence and an entirely positive outcome where this originally seemed unlikely or impossible.