If federal agents are currently investigating you or your company for insider trading, you will benefit from immediately discussing the matter with an experienced lawyer. Taking preventative measures is key in these situations, as federal agencies often conduct investigations for weeks, months or even years in order to build substantial evidence against a suspect to move forward with formal charges. An attorney with the experience and resources to properly handle insider trading charges will know what tactics to use to limit or even halt the investigation against you to help you avoid charges in the first place. This is crucial in situations where your career and reputation may be on the line – not to mention your freedom.

As an attorney with close to three decades of experience, I understand what is at stake for a defendant or suspect facing insider trading charges. If you are facing an investigation or have already been charged with this or any federal offense in the Los Angeles area or anywhere in the U.S., I can offer you the hard-hitting legal counsel you need to fight back. I am here to protect your legal rights when it matters most.

Under investigation for insider trading? Act now!

Why do insider trading charges come about? An investor may make an advantageous trade just days before a company goes bankrupt or blows up. This tips off federal investigators. Maybe the investor knew or was acquainted with someone at the company in question. In investigating the matter, federal agents discover phone calls or emails exchanged in the time prior to the trade. In the federal government’s eyes, the evidence points to insider trading. What is important to remember in these matters is this: although the evidence indicates insider trading and although you may have been charged or arrested, this does not mean that you should or will be found guilty.