Internet sex crimes are a key part of my federal criminal defense law firm’s practice. Investigations and criminal cases involving internet sex crimes are increasing in regularity due to continual media coverage and political attention. The use of the internet and computers increases the likelihood that a sex crime will be charged as a federal offense. This places a defendant at risk of facing aggressive investigation and prosecution by federal agencies, which typically have more resources and experienced officers to handle these cases. The penalties for federal crimes are also often more severe than those on a state level due to harsh Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

All is not lost if you have been accused of an internet sex crime. Contact my offices today and I will give you a confidential consultation to discuss your case. As a lawyer who has been representing defendants, suspects and arrestees since 1984, I understand how to approach these sensitive matters while protecting a client’s reputation and career. I handle cases of this kind that involve the possession or distribution of child pornography via the internet as well as offenses that involve luring a minor, chat room investigations, sting operations involving a law enforcement officer posing as a child, and more.

Under investigation for an internet sex crime?

Some lawyers do not accept cases involving internet sex crimes. I believe that any defendant, no matter the crime he or she may have been accused of committing, has the same right to aggressive defense counsel. I treat my clients with the respect they deserve and never assume guilt or judge based upon the allegations that have been made against them. I fight tirelessly to protect their legal rights and work to help them avoid the serious repercussions of any internet sex crime conviction. I do not give up and never back down, representing my clients’ best interests to the fullest extent