If you or your company is under investigation for securities violations, contact a Los Angeles federal defense attorney who can offer you the aggressive representation and protection you need. Though formal charges may not have been filed against you (yet) you may soon find that your reputation and career are on the line. If the investigation continues unchecked, it may be far too easy for federal investigators to gather evidence against you and press formal charges. It is crucial that you have a lawyer who is experienced, knowledgeable and has the resources to effectively counter an investigation or charges involving alleged securities fraud or any similar violation.

As an uncompromising trial attorney and knowledgeable defense counselor, I have been offering dedicated representation to my clients since 1984. My nearly three decades of experience grants me the unique ability to anticipate federal prosecutors’ next moves and provide counter strategies that offer a client the greatest opportunity at a dismissal or reduction of charges or an acquittal in federal court. My offices are based in Los Angeles and I represent clients facing securities fraud charges throughout the U.S. I can handle cases in any United States District Court and have a complete understanding of federal procedure and Federal Sentencing Guidelines to properly assert a client’s rights to help him or her avoid the many negative repercussions of federal criminal charges and sentencing.

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The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) as well as the FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and state regulators for the DOJ (Department of Justice) may all be involved in cases related to securities fraud in the Los Angeles area. From the moment you retain my services, I will immediately launch my own investigation and efforts to challenge actions taken by these agencies.