Choosing a federal defense attorney is no small task. If you are facing federal charges, you need to know that you are in reliable, experienced hands. I have been serving as a federal defense attorney since 1984, and my reputation is proven. Because of my dedication to my clients, I have been able to significantly lower charges made against my clients. In addition, I have successfully acquitted charges by proving my clients’ innocence. Some of the charges I have acquitted were felonies—federal offenses of the most significant and potentially life-altering kind. The facts are all there; my reputation can stand for itself.

My Promise to You

I am not going to offer you a meaningless promise. If you have been searching for a federal defense attorney who is right for you, you have probably already been promised certain results from other lawyers in my field. You should be aware of the fact that no attorney should ever promise a specific outcome. Such promises show a lack of experience and really carry no weight at all.

You don’t need promises that can’t be verified immediately. You need to see defense in action, and that is what I offer. I will personally take on your case with unfailing commitment, and I will do my utmost to fight for your legal rights. Since I have been serving in federal defense for more than 25 years, I know the right questions to ask and the areas to investigate.

Trustworthy Los Angeles Federal Defense

Federal criminal charges can be overwhelming and intimidating. Don’t throw in the towel. There may be aspects to your case that you have not considered yet which could drastically improve your charges or even negate them completely. I am prepared to look into your case and find those aspects—to fight for your rights with all of my experience and competence. It is no small benefit to you that I have been serving as a lawyer since 1984—my years of experience can now be an asset to you.

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