How to Know When Legal Defense Is Right for You

Drug crimes are a significant problem in California; so too are the allegations that are made concerning drug offenses. While the state’s legal system has taken substantial measures to ensure that illegal substance abuse does not plague its cities, this is not to say that all arrests, accusations, or even convictions are valid. In fact, the state and federal justice systems are just as prone to making mistakes as any other person or business. Therefore, if you have been arrested for a drug crime of any nature and you are now facing criminal allegations, you should not wait to seek a Los Angeles drug crime attorney. Whether you have been falsely accused or the charges brought against you do not represent the true nature of your behavior, you will need sound legal defense on your side.

I am Attorney Robert M. Helfend, and I have been practicing criminal defense and drug crime law since 1984. More likely than not, I have represented someone else against similar accusations as those that have been attached to your name after a drug crime arrest. I speak from experience when I say that the court system is a tough one; it is one that will not be easily persuaded of a defendant’s innocence. Nor is it one that will quickly rule out any potential circumstantial evidence. It is exactly for these reasons that obtaining an attorney in your defense will be absolutely crucial if you are looking to avoid the harsh penalties of adrug crime conviction.

What I Can Do for You

The benefits of hiring a lawyer can be countless. However, this statement hinges upon choosing the right attorney to represent your case. You need someone who can take the adverse situation in which you have found yourself and turn it around for the better. That is what I am here to do. For the past 25+ years, I have dedicated my professional career to personally attending to the legal matters of every single client that my firm takes on. When you choose to work with me, you will not be passed from associate to associate; you will not be paired with an attorney who knows less than nothing about your case and your personal background. Instead, you will be aligned with a defense strategist who has been practicing in the field for more than two decades. You will have experience, knowledge, and skill on your side.

With my help, you can bet that your chances of receiving a favorable case outcome will exponentially increase. I have taken more than 65 cases before a jury trial, and I have repeatedly obtained successful results. Now, I can honestly boast about my extraordinarily high winning results. These are the types of accolades that you should be looking for when choosing an attorney. Furthermore, they are the ones that will allow you to trust that your legal counsel is not only qualified to do the job, but experienced in actually getting the job done. If you are unsure about whether or not you need an attorney, then you can look to my firm for the guidance you need to make your ultimate decision. The facts are all there, as evidenced by my personal profile, case histories, and numerous areas of practice. Take a look for yourself, and do not hesitate to call me for more information.

Contact a Los Angeles drug crime lawyer at my law offices today. I promise to provide you with honest, straightforward answers and unwavering defense.