Los Angeles Federal Crime Attorney

Those accused of a federal crime face a vicious prosecution team made up of seasoned prosecutors, government investigators and other professionals. When you are on trial for a federal crime, it is vitally important that you have experienced legal representation. With over 25 years of legal experience, I am confident that my firm can provide the high-caliber level of representation that your federal crimes case needs. I am attorney Robert M. Helfend, and I have been providing the people of Los Angeles with exceptional legal support and guidance since 1984.

The touchstone of my practice philosophy is founded on the principle that everyone deserves the right for their voice and opinion to be heard. When someone is accused of a federal crime, their side of the story is down-played and oftentimes, ignored. I have dedicated my practice to vehemently defending those who have been criminally accused in the Los Angeles area and the surrounding communities of Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Bel Air and others.

I have chosen to focus exclusively on criminal law so that I can provide clients with focused, one-on-one attention during this crucial time in their life. So many attorneys divide their time between different areas of law, but my clients are guaranteed my undivided time and attention. I strive to meet the needs and legal goals of every client because I realize what is at stake for those accused of a federal crime.

Credentials and Qualifications

If you had the option of deciding how to spend your future, as a free person or in prison, what would you choose? For people convicted of a federal crime, choosing which attorney will represent them is the primary decision that will impact their future. When you choose who will represent your case in court, you need to search for a legal defender who can fulfill their promises. With over 65 jury trials and an exclusive focus on criminal law since 1984, you can trust that my experience and passion will help secure a positive verdict for your case.

I graduated in 1980 from the University of California, Berkeley after completing my undergrad years. I went on to complete my law degree at Pepperdine University School of Law, graduating in 1983. From there, I began practicing in the field of criminal defense, where I have been honing and building upon my skills for over two decades. My hard work has helped clients see success in the majority of the 65 jury trials that I have been a part of in Southern California.

Federal crime cases require more dedication and hard work than the typical criminal defense case. For this reason, I personally handle every case that my firm takes on, investing endless time and energy to help my clients achieve a positive case outcome. You can rest assured that your case will receive the same level of care that I have been consistently providing for the past 28 years, so make your decision today.

Bar Admissions

  • California, 1984

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