There is no question that your freedom and future are on the line when faced with drug crime charges. If you’ve been arrested or have been contacted by state or federal law enforcement in conjunction with an investigation into an alleged drug offense, you may wonder whether you need an attorney at this point. You may then wonder which attorney will be right for your case. Choosing a Los Angeles drug crime lawyer is a personal decision you must make for yourself. You will be working closely with one another, possibly for months or even years. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you find an attorney you feel comfortable working with on a regular basis.

I know that you are faced with a tough decision. I also know that you may have already spoken with other attorneys or visited other law offices. You may have certain qualifications you would like met in terms of education, experience and case results. Furthermore, it may be more comfortable for you to work with someone you feel understands your personality and the objectives you have set forth for the outcome of your case. Whatever your personal criteria, I welcome you to call my offices. We can set up a meeting to discuss your case face-to-face. You can ask me any questions that may be on your mind and I will answer them honestly and in a straightforward manner. I won’t promise you the world with no intention of delivering it. I will conduct an accurate review of your case and will tell you what I think – no tricks, no games, no empty promises.

Drug Crime Lawyer Serving Los Angeles Since 1984

The number of drug crime offenses that a person can be accused of is vast. I know, I have been representing these types of cases for more 25 years. I have met with success what other attorneys and law firms have ruled out as impossible. I have successfully defended the same types of cases that my peers have failed to win. The desirable results I have been able to obtain for my clients do not come easily, though. It takes a considerable amount of time and dedication, as well as a thorough investigation into the cases brought before me to be able to obtain favorable outcomes for my clients. Unlike some, this is not criteria that I shy away from; rather, it is criteria that prompts me to rise to the occasion.

I have spent the past two decades and more dedicated to the field of criminal defense, particularly as it relates to drug crimes. Therefore, I have more than enough legal resources, community affiliates, and professional links to provide the defendants I represent with stellar defense. In the face of each new case that makes its way to my law offices, I put my defensive skills and legal savvy to work. I am dedicated 100% to the residents of Los Angeles and its surrounding communities who have been unfairly charged with the harsh sentencing of a drug crime allegation. More than 25 years of experience have brought me to where I am today, and more importantly, to where many of my clients are today – free from jail, enjoying a life filled with opportunity for the future.

To find out more about how I can help with you case, contact a Los Angeles drug crime attorney from my firm today.